Colombian specialty coffee microlot from Sevilla, Valle

Sevilla, Valle del Cauca, a place known as the balcony of the valley, located in the cultural coffee landscape of Colombia (world heritage) This is a 86 point SCCA coffee

Weight 1543 lb
Dimensions 70 x 95 x 30 cm

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General Information

Colombian coffee or Colombian softs are one of the best coffees in the world. Colombia is blessed with great mountain ranges that create a perfect system for different coffee results, so we can have harvests all year.

The central coffee growing regions in the country present dry and rainy periods along different months, which allow harvesting fresh coffee regularly during the whole year. In most of the coffee growing regions in the country there is a period of flowering that goes from January to March, and another one that goes from July to September. The main harvest in these zones takes place between September and December, and there is a secondary harvest, denominated “mitaca”, during the second quarter of the year. The main harvest and the mitaca could be alternated in other regions, in accordance with their latitude (see map).

Green= Main harvesting Orange= two harvests (Sep-Dec) and (Apr-May)

Yellow= Main harvesting (Mar-Jun)

Pink= Two harvests (Mar-Jun)  and (Oct-Nov)

Brown= Not defined

White= None


colombian coffee harvesting map

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